De s e r t   m o n s o o n

Last night’s thunderstorm had dumped half the neighborhood debris into the pool. Elmo fished out a palm frond, a crumpled pack of Marlboros, two Bud bottles, and a Big Gulp cup.

It was getting up into the mid-nineties. Elmo retreated to his office, but not before treading in another wad of gum. By eleven o’clock the heat would crack a hundred and “air conditioned” would start flashing on the big yellow sign out front. Somewhere around four, Tucson’s vaunted dry heat would hit 105 degrees and turn brains to casserole.

About 4:30 the clouds would come rolling in from the southeast, whip up some nasty gusts of wind, roll thunder through the valley and indiscriminately toss around lightning like nowhere else on Earth.

By 5 p.m., half-pint raindrops lashed at the city, and for half an hour, Tucson’s streets would become rivers. Homebound traffic became a snarling, confused beast. Then it would clear. The streets would drain, the arroyos would carry water off to the Pantano Wash and the Rillito River. By eight, the soaked city was mostly dry. Once the storms passed, the Lamp Post would start filling up again, and Elmo would assign rooms based on how the occupants might entertain him.



The Lamp Post Motel

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To date, no conslusive evidence has emerged to prove that buying a copy of The Lamp Post Motel cures restless leg syndrome. But stay tuned: science marches on.

If you are already afflicted with those dreaded restless legs, tale a brisk walk to an independent bookstore, step up to the science fiction section, and demand one or more copies of The Lamp Post Motel (ISBN #09773676-8-9). Enlightened proprietors will, of course, have several copies in stock, or can order you a copy—and even a plentiful supply from Baker and Taylor.

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