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A featured selection at Podiobooks.comPodiobooks.com hosts the audiobook read by author Joe Gold, an unabridged more sexually explicit version of The Lamp Post Motel than the book in print. The site hosts many science fiction and other free audio books online.


SPDbooks.org Small Press Distribution, a nonprofit book distributor helping independent authors and publishers get their books to the public. Contact them to order individual or quantity copies of The Lamp Post Motel.


SFRevu.com Online science fiction reviews and commentary, including a Carolyn Frank's generous review of The Lamp Post Motel.


Goldscribe.com Joe Gold as journalist, adman, teacher, writer-producer, consultant, author, Renniassance man. Resumes, writing samples, personal remarks.


National Writers Union, a few thousand freelance writers banded together to improve writers' working lives, and the San Francisco Bay Area chapter at unionwriters.org where Joe is a co-chair, delegate and grievance officer.


Borderlands Books in San Francisco is where The Lamp Post Motel launched successfully on October 22, 2006. Borderlands is science fiction and fantasy headquarters for the Bay Area.


Brian Bromberg is a virtuoso jazz bassist, a former next-door neighbor in Tucson (now living in Los Angeles) and composer of the theme music for the podcast, Goodbye (For My Father), a cut from Brian's 2002 album Wood. I knew his dad Howard, a talented drummer in his own right. Inasmuch as The Lamp Post Motel is dedicated to my dad, I thought Brian and I could honor both our fathers at once by using this touching music (with Brian's express permission, of course).


Azstarnet.com The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson's best (okay, only) morning newspaper. Joe was a reporter there during the Nixon administration while finishing his journalism degree. He was twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize under publisher Michael Pulitzer. J. C. Martin's book review of The Lamp Post Motel published Nov. 12, 2006.


tucson.com Tucson Citizen, Tucson's other best daily paper.


tucsonweekly.com Tucson Weekly calls itself the alternative to bland daily journalism in Tucson. Joe Gold's 1995 cover story documents the University of Arizona administration's attempt to kill off its much-awarded journalism department. Their review characterized The Lamp Post Motel as a "fiasco" with "amorous antics as insipidly lubruicious as any sexploitation flick." But then as Jon Stewart said, "You're nobody till you've gotten a bad review."


explorethecaverns.com/cave.html Kartchner Caverns is the only living cave in America open to the public, discovered by the late and very much missed Randy Tufts with his friend Gary Tennen in 1974, and kept secret for decades until they brought in then-Governor Bruce Babbit (later Secretary of the Interior), who put the cave under state protection.


arizona.edu The University of Arizona, the bastion of Tucson that still feels like home, Joe's journalism alma mater and where his daughter graduates in December.


www.pimaair.org Pima Air and Space Museum boasts 275 aircraft salvaged from thousands parked in the rust-free desert air at Davis-Monthan Air Force base, to tattered to fly, but too venerable for scrap.


titanmissilemuseum.org The lone remaining missile silo of 18 that ringed Tucson to defend against a nuclear attack; now a museum of cold war defense technology.


Finally, the last farewell to Kurt Vonnegut, a comic genius whose elegantly simple pleas for humanity and decency called to a whole generation to laugh at itself and seek the good. Kurt left us on April 11, 2007. So it goes.


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