The Lamp Post Motel

S c e n e s   f r o m   t h e   n o v e l

Sexual anthropology

Tucson's tawdry temptess

Desert monsoon

Elmo's dirty little secret

Pilot error

Radical lesbian separatist


and bonus feature


(inspired by Dr. Daniel B. Rosen of New York, NY)

Hey, God, whoever you are,
In another dimension or on a distant star,
We folks down here are calling on you please
Because there are so many, many, many things we need.

We need water in the desert,
We need to feel secure,
We need to love each other
But we’re so painfully unsure.
Oh, God please can’t you help us know
What’s wrong and what is right?
And tell us how to get laid
On Saturday night.

—Voojew chant


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Zoe Caldwell  

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