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The amazing science fiction virtual vending machine. Download the Kindle e-dition for a lousy $4 right here, or order a rare remaining print copy while they last online from Small Press Distribution at spdbooks.org.



A new science fiction novel by
Joe Gold
ISBN #09773676-8-9

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Lies about The Lamp Post Motel

Despite fantastic public claims, reading The Lamp Post Motel will not cure halitosis, hangnails or hemmoroids. It will not restore more than 22.7% of your youthful vitality, grow hair on your toes, nor leave you 20 pounds lighter.

It is probably true that buying multiple copies of The Lamp Post Motel suggest that you possess greater intellectual gifts than the President of the United States, but be aware that several reptiles have made similar claims, some with apparent validity.

If you have the good sense want a copy of The Lamp Post Motel, drop into an independent bookstore and head straight for science fiction. For best results, purchase many copies. If no copies are there, protest this apalling lack of quality products, although the deficiency may be because you let all the buyers get there before you.

If you have attention deficit disoder, click here RIGHT NOW: SPD Books.org. Order right away. If you have serious attention deficit disorder, by all means, order again. And again.

If you run a bookstore, congratulations. You hold in your mortal hands the power to contribute to a better world. Order 30 copies for your ravenous public from Baker and Taylor (ISBN #09773676-8-9) and make your request in a respectful, non-threatening tone. Pay promptly, and buy all the copies you can eat.


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