The Lamp Post Motel

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  1. Tucson's trashy temptress
  2. Alone with his machines
  3. Pilot error
  4. Ashes
  5. Meanwhile, 2000 years in the future
  6. Travel planning to a garbage planet
  7. On the beach at Puerto Peñasco
  8. Thea Nikolas sees what no one else can
  9. Loretta Lipps takes time off for a rescue
  10. Gone
  11. Heading for Tucson
  12. Pulling up stakes
  13. Lunch interrupted
  14. UFO over Arizona
  15. Checking in
  16. Where am I?
  17. Woman doctor
  18. Message from Arbidor
  19. The next step
  20. Transported
  21. Calling the bank
  22. Search
  23. Hot water
  24. Resident expert on strange
  25. Halfway to civilization
  26. Searching Mexico
  27. Travel opportunity
  28. Voojews
  29. Power of the universe
  30. Inspection
  31. Looking closer
  32. Inspection
  33. Yes, that Thea Nikolas
  34. Mindhopping
  35. Alarm clamors, nobody home
  36. Special heritage
  37. A job to do
  38. Account frozen
  39. Pompous young fart
  40. Face to face
  41. Bad dreams
  42. Who knows what's possible?
  43. Alien intelligence
  44. Fire
  45. Hot pursuit
  46. Must be crazy
  47. Convergence
  48. Back in balance
  49. Escape


About the music and composer Brian Bromberg

Theme music for the podcast is from Goodbye (For My Father) written, performed and produced by Brian Bromberg, from his his 2002 jazz CD Wood, and used with Brian's express permission.

Brian plays the bass with Randy Waldman's deft touch on the piano. Brian was a neighbor back in Tucson. I knew his dad to whom the song is dedicated. Since the book is dedicated to my dad, I liked that using this music pays homage to both our fathers—and that it's delicious jazz. Thank you, Brian.


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My podcast host:



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